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Atlanta: 10 Colorful Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas from Local Professionals

Are you looking to refresh your bedroom design and add some personality? Look no further than these 10 eclectic bedroom designs by Atlanta professionals! Combining vibrant color palettes, unique furniture pieces, and eye-catching accents, these designs are guaranteed to turn your bedroom into a cozy and inviting space that expresses your style. Let’s explore these 10 eclectic bedroom design ideas from Atlanta’s top professionals!

Idea from Curran & Co. Architects


Idea from Gina Sims Designs

Idea from Outrageous Interiors

Idea from Merits Design Group, Inc.

Idea from Erica George Dines Photography

Idea from Barbara Brown Photography

Idea from Susie Mae Design

Idea from Lindsey Hene

Idea from Linn Gresham Haute Decor

Idea from Kevin Francis Design

Idea from Gina Franklin Interiors

Idea from Michael’s Window Treatments