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Chicago: 20 Eye-Catching Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas from Local Professionals

Are you in need of some inspiration to add that special touch to your bedroom in Chicago? Look no further! We’ve pulled together 20 unique and eclectic bedroom design ideas from some of the most talented local professionals. From bold colors to unique lighting fixtures, these design ideas will help you create a truly one-of-a-kind space. Keep reading to find the perfect design for your own bedroom.

Idea from Inspired Interiors

Idea from Crystal Blackshaw Interiors

Idea from Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

Idea from John Todd Bishop Interior Design

Idea from Rachel Loewen Photography

Idea from Making it Lovely

Idea from reDesign home | chicago


Idea from Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design

Idea from 12/12 Architects & Planners

Idea from Studio Gild

Idea from Foundre: Made

Idea from Amber Golob Interiors

Idea from Unpatterned

Idea from Alcove Images

Idea from Studio Sven

Idea from MegMade

Idea from steve + filip design

Idea from Sarah Montgomery Design

Idea from Charleston Building and Development

Idea from Inspire Q

Idea from Morgante Wilson Architects

Idea from Jessica Blue Interiors LLC