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Washington DC: 15 Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas from Local Professionals

Washington DC is a city that embodies eclectic style, with its diverse neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and vibrant arts scene. This melting pot of cultures and influences is reflected in the city’s interior design trends, where maximalism, cozy textures, and colorful accents reign supreme. As the heart of political power in the United States, DC has a lot to offer when it comes to unique living room designs that make a statement.

In this article, we showcase 15 eclectic living room design ideas from local professionals in Washington DC. From bohemian chic to mid-century modern, each design represents the city’s distinctive aesthetic and celebrates its rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re a DC resident or just looking for inspiration, these living room ideas will inspire you to create a cozy, colorful, and inviting space in your own home.

Idea from Patrick Brian Jones PLLC

Idea from Hado Photo

Idea from Hendrick Interiors, LLC

Idea from Interiors by Design LLC

Idea from Residents Understood

Idea from Susan Nelson Interiors

Idea from Perceptions Interiors

Idea from Christopher Patrick Interiors

Idea from Studio Miel

Idea from Designing Solutions

Idea from StyleMutt Home

Idea from DesignHAUS 24

Idea from Evelyn Pierce Design Studio

Idea from Lisa & Leroy

Idea from Michaela Dodd