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San Francisco’s Eclectic Dining Scene: 15 Expert Design Ideas

San Francisco is known for its vibrant dining scene, where eclectic and unique restaurants can be found around every corner. If you’re looking to create a cozy and colorful dining room at home, take inspiration from the city’s local professionals who are experts in the art of maximalism. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 dining room ideas that will add a touch of San Francisco style to your home. From bold patterns to unexpected color combinations, get ready to be inspired by these creative designs.

Idea from Noz Design

Idea from Workroom C

Idea from Nanette Wong

Idea from Ginevra Held Interior Design

Idea from PROYECTO

Idea from De Mattei Construction

Idea from Kelley Wolf Interiors


Idea from Cecilie Starin Design Inc.

Idea from Kelly Hohla Interiors

Idea from JayJeffers

Idea from Michele Lee Willson Photography

Idea from Suzanne Childress Design

Idea from Kristin Riccio Interior Design