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30 Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas from Local Pros in Atlanta: Get Inspired!

If you’re looking to remodel your dining room and create a modern farmhouse vibe, you’re in luck. Atlanta is full of talented professionals who are experts at blending rustic elements with contemporary design. These local professionals have mastered the art of modern farmhouse dining rooms, and we’ve rounded up their best ideas to inspire you.

Whether you’re looking to add some cozy warmth to your dining space or create a bright and airy atmosphere, these 30 modern farmhouse dining room ideas from Atlanta professionals will provide you with endless inspiration. From bold lighting fixtures to rustic furniture and subtle decor touches, these ideas will help you transform your dining room into a welcoming and stylish space that reflects your unique taste and personality.

Idea from Ecraft LLC.

Idea from Allison Ramsey Architects

Idea from TerryBrick, LLC

Idea from Hart & Lock Design

Idea from Lisa Gabrielson Design

Idea from Hot Wired Audio Video

Idea from JM Designer Properties, LLC

Idea from M&M Creative Consulting


Idea from Linen & Flax Home

Idea from CSI Kitchen & Bath Studio

Idea from Victoria McClure Interiors

Idea from Grady L Woods Architect, LLC

Idea from Curran & Co. Architects

Idea from Caldwell-Cline Architects & Designers

Idea from Rhinehart Pulliam & Company, LLC

Idea from Outrageous Interiors

Idea from Wilson Design & Construction, Inc.

Idea from Scott Homes, Inc

Idea from Studio 21 Interiors

Idea from The Design Atelier, Inc.

Idea from New River Building Co.

Idea from Translations Design Studio, LLC

Idea from Lindsey Hene

Idea from The Berndsen Company

Idea from Rustic Trades Furniture

Idea from Stokesman Homes

Idea from Elle Du Monde LLC

Idea from REED BROTHERS design & build