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Boston: 15 Fresh and Stylish Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas from Local Interior Designers

The farmhouse style has recently gained popularity in the interior design world, especially in the dining room. With its rustic charm, cozy ambiance, and timeless appeal, it’s no wonder why people are opting to remodel their dining rooms with this style. Boston, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is home to many talented interior designers who have been creating some of the most stylish and fresh farmhouse dining rooms around.

In this article, we’ve gathered 15 of the best farmhouse dining room ideas from local interior designers in Boston. These designs are not only stylish but are also modern and functional, perfect for those who love the farmhouse style but want a more contemporary look. So, whether you’re looking to remodel your dining room or just want some inspiration for a fresh new look, these designs are sure to impress.

Idea from Holmes Hole Builders LLC

Idea from Jewett Farms + Co.

Idea from Cummings Architecture + Interiors

Idea from York Building & Remodeling


Idea from H & N Custom Homes, Inc.

Idea from Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design

Idea from Hickox Williams Architects, Inc.

Idea from sullivan + associates architects

Idea from kelly mcguill home

Idea from Theresa Fine

Idea from e tanny design, llc

Idea from Lisa Teague Upcoast Design

Idea from Touloukian Touloukian Inc

Idea from Brie Stephens – Lake Life Realty