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Farmhouse Family Room Design Ideas: New York’s 20 Local Professional Recommendations!

If you’re looking to remodel your family room and give it a modern yet cozy touch, farmhouse-style could be the perfect design choice. With its rustic charm and inviting atmosphere, a farmhouse theme can make any space feel like home. Luckily, if you’re located in New York, you’re in for a treat. The city is bustling with talented professionals who are experts in creating farmhouse-style family rooms that are both functional and stylish.

In this article, we’ve compiled 20 of the best farmhouse-style family room design ideas from local professionals in New York City. From reclaimed wood accents to vintage decor, these designs are sure to inspire you to create a space that’s perfect for your family’s needs. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking for some inspiration to refresh your current space, these ideas are sure to help you achieve the modern farmhouse-style family room of your dreams.

Idea from JWH Design and Cabinetry LLC

Idea from Fawn Galli Interiors

Idea from J. Stephens Interiors


Idea from Rikki Snyder

Idea from Yankee Custom Builders, Inc.

Idea from Chango & Co.

Idea from Colette Interiors

Idea from Timberpeg

Idea from Valerie Grant Interiors

Idea from Fletcher Development LLC

Idea from Studio Dearborn

Idea from English Country Home

Idea from A la Maison Home and Lifestyle LLC

Idea from Haver & Skolnick LLC Architects

Idea from Mark P Finlay Interiors

Idea from Kevin O’Sullivan + Associates

Idea from OrganizDwell, LLC

Idea from Haddock + Cotter Interior Decoration

Idea from Ellie Mroz Design

Idea from Daniel Contelmo Architects

Idea from RR Builders, LLC

Idea from Amy Krane Color Consulting