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Rustic Charm Meets Sweet Serenity: 100 Expert-Approved Farmhouse Style Nursery Ideas for Baby Boys

Whether you’re a first-time parent or have done this before, designing a nursery for your little one can be an exciting, yet overwhelming task. Choosing a style that fits your vision and creating a space that is comfortable, inviting, and safe for your baby boy requires careful consideration and planning. If you love the warmth and simplicity of the farmhouse style, you’re in luck!

We’ve gathered 100 stunning ideas from leading design professionals to help you create a nursery that’s both charming and practical. From distressed wood accents to soft fabrics and muted tones, these ideas will inspire you to infuse your baby boy’s nursery with rustic charm. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refresh an existing space, our collection of farmhouse style nursery ideas is sure to offer something for everyone.

Get ready to explore a world of possibilities and create a cozy and inviting nursery that you and your little one will cherish for years to come.

Idea from Heather Scott Home & Design

Idea from Chango & Co.

Idea from Haven Design and Construction

Idea from APJ Interiors LLC

Idea from Francesca Owings Interior Design

Idea from Chad Mellon Photographer

Idea from Joni Spear Interior Design

Idea from Victoria Holly Interiors

Idea from Meredith Ellis Design

Idea from Mader Designs

Idea from designstiles

Idea from John Kraemer & Sons

Idea from Ashby Collective

Idea from Elizabeth Kohn Design

Idea from Mill House Design Co.

Idea from Benjamin Hill Photography

Idea from Emerson Grey Designs

Idea from Larette Design

Idea from Ashley Martin Home

Idea from Anita Roll Murals

Idea from Traci Connell Interiors

Idea from Residents Understood

Idea from Widell + Boschetti

Idea from A.S.D. Interiors – Shirry Dolgin, Owner

Idea from Brass Hill Design

Idea from CRT Studio

Idea from Blackband Design

Idea from NoJo baby & kids, Inc.

Idea from Newport Cottages

Idea from Furniture Showcase

Idea from Kathleen Ann Design

Idea from Sasha Berlin Design

Idea from Marcia Moore Design

Idea from Steven Ford Interiors

Idea from Design Loves Detail

Idea from Rejoy Interiors, Inc.