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Portland’s 10 Most Creative Small Living Room Remodel Design Ideas from Local Professionals

Having a small living room can be a challenge when it comes to remodeling. With limited space, it can be hard to find the perfect design that both looks good and functions effectively. Luckily, in Portland, there are a number of creative professionals who can help you redesign your small living room to make it look and feel as spacious as possible. Here are Portland’s 10 most creative small living room remodel design ideas from local professionals that are sure to impress.

Idea from Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Idea from Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge Lumber

Idea from Marnella Homes

Idea from Fiore Interiors

Idea from Propel Studio Architecture

Idea from Northwest Heritage Renovations

Idea from Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

Idea from Winkelman Architecture

Idea from Rockwood Cabinetry