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Eclectic Charm in Phoenix: Get Inspired by 10 Powder Room Design Ideas from Local Professionals

Finding the perfect design for a powder room in Phoenix can be daunting. But with the creative minds of local professionals, you can get inspired by some of the most eclectic and unique powder room style ideas. From cozy and quaint to luxurious and modern, these ten local professionals have some of the best design ideas to help you make your powder room a stunning statement piece.

Idea from Soloway Designs Inc | Architecture + Interiors AIA

Idea from Bess Jones Interiors

Idea from Design Directives, LLC

Idea from AJP Properties

Idea from Arizona Kitchens and Refacing, Inc.

Idea from Celaya | Soloway Interiors

Idea from Camille Self Designs

Idea from Visuelle Design Group

Idea from Rondi – the art of space

Idea from Bonnie Sachs, ASID