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Small Dining Rooms in Portland: 15 Expert Design Ideas You Can’t Miss

Portland is renowned for its innovative design and creative culture, and the city’s dining rooms are no exception. Whether you’re remodeling your existing dining room or starting from scratch, take some design cues from the professionals that call Portland home. Here we’ve put together a list of 15 small dining room design ideas from local Portland-based designers. From smart storage solutions to bold color palettes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your own dining area.

Idea from Marcus Gleysteen Architects

Idea from Introspecs

Idea from Jenny Scull

Idea from Howells Architecture + Design

Idea from Winkelman Architecture


Idea from Ponciano Design

Idea from Jessica Reynaud Design

Idea from Neff Designs

Idea from MGM Builders

Idea from Fiore Interiors

Idea from Casework

Idea from Dyer Studio Inc.

Idea from Monogram Interior Design LLC

Idea from Northland Design & Build

Idea from Brush and Hammer Builders

Idea from The WhiteHouse Collection