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Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas in Minneapolis: 15 Local Pro Tips

If you’re looking for some rustic kitchen design ideas to spruce up your space, look no further than the professionals in Minneapolis. With decades of experience in the kitchen design industry, they know what it takes to create an inviting, rustic atmosphere. From exposed brick walls to natural wood tones, these local professionals have put together 15 unique kitchen designs that are sure to inspire. From light and airy to cozy and warm, each design has its own unique twist. Whether you’re looking to create a vintage feel or a more modern look, these professionals have the ideas for you. So, grab your notebook and pen and get ready to be inspired!

Idea from Lampert Lumber


Idea from Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

Idea from Lake Country Builders

Idea from Lenox House Design

Idea from Quigley Architects

Idea from Echelon Builders, Inc.

Idea from Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd

Idea from Fox Interiors

Idea from Lundin Architects LLC

Idea from Hendel Homes

Idea from David Charlez Designs

Idea from Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

Idea from Panache Inspiration Center

Idea from The Cabinet Store + Culina Design