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Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas: Portland’s Best 15 from Local Pros

As the home to some of the nation’s most creative minds, Portland is a haven for unique interior design ideas. For those looking to incorporate a rustic touch to their kitchen space, look no further than these top 10 rustic kitchen design ideas from local Portland professionals. From classic farmhouse-inspired details to modern twists on the rustic style, these kitchen designs are sure to add a warm and inviting touch to your home. So, read on to discover which rustic kitchen design is right for you!

Idea from Kaplan Thompson Architects

Idea from DSC DesignWorks

Idea from Polestar Design


Idea from Lawless Design

Idea from NELMA

Idea from National Association of Home Builders

Idea from John Cole Architect

Idea from Christopher P. Williams Architects, PLLC

Idea from Winkelman Architecture

Idea from Northland Design & Build

Idea from Michelle Rolens – Neil Kelly Design/Build

Idea from Woodhull

Idea from Peg Cox Design

Idea from Rangeley Building & Remodeling