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Salt Lake City: 10 Local Professionals Share Their Best Farmhouse Entryway Design Ideas

Salt Lake City is a city of diverse architectural styles and aesthetic approaches. The entryway is often one of the first parts of the home that guests will see, and it’s an important part of making a good first impression. We talked to 10 local professionals to get their best farmhouse entryway design ideas, so if you’re looking to give your home a rustic, cozy look, read on!

Idea from Jackson & LeRoy


Idea from Carrick Custom Home Design

Idea from Habitations Residential Design Group

Idea from Simons Design Studio

Idea from Timberidge Custom Homes

Idea from Kyle Aiken

Idea from Duerden’s Appliance and Mattress

Idea from Magleby Remodel

Idea from Yvonne Christensen Design