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Get Inspired with Seattle’s 20 Most Creative Garden Path Landscaping Ideas

From quaint parks to sprawling backyards, Seattle is known for its lush and lively gardens. Garden Paths are the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space, providing a walkway of beauty and tranquility. To help bring your vision to life, here are twenty garden path landscaping ideas from local professionals in the Seattle area. From creative designs to sustainable solutions, each of these ideas will help you build a beautiful and inviting pathway in your garden.

Idea from Urban Oasis Design & Construction LLC

Idea from Tri-Scapes Landscaping

Idea from Molly Maguire Landscape Architecture

Idea from Julia Sperling Photography

Idea from Hayes Landscape Design Services

Idea from J P Landscape Service

Idea from Kim Rooney Design

Idea from Shapiro Ryan Design

Idea from Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction

Idea from Andrews & Andrews Architects

Idea from SCJ Studio Landscape Architecture

Idea from Vertumni Fine Landscaping

Idea from Coppercreek Landscaping

Idea from Allied8

Idea from Orion Rockscapes

Idea from Land2c Landscape Architecture

Idea from Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Idea from Lankford Associates Landscape Architects