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New York: 30 Professional Garden Path Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Garden

Making your garden look its best doesn’t have to be a daunting task. New York has a wealth of professional garden path landscaping ideas that can help you create a stunning outdoor oasis. From classic stone pathways to modern garden designs, there are plenty of ways to make your garden stand out. In this article, we will discuss fifty of the best professional garden path landscaping ideas from the top designers in New York City. So whether you’re looking to add a romantic walkway to your property, or simply want to add a hint of sophistication to your outdoor space, you will find plenty of inspiration here. Get ready to take your garden to the next level!

Idea from Neave Group Outdoor Solutions

Idea from Sigrid Morgan Landscape Architecture LLC


Idea from Oliver Nurseries

Idea from A J Miller Landscape Architecture PLLC

Idea from Sitescapes Landscape Design Inc.

Idea from Landscape Details, Inc

Idea from Artemis Landscape Architects, Inc.

Idea from Creative Design Landscaping

Idea from Certified Luxury Builders – New York Metro

Idea from Bay Avenue Plant Company

Idea from Sloan Architects, P.C.

Idea from Outdoor Lifestyles

Idea from Resolution: 4 Architecture

Idea from Hamptons SilverLeaf Landscaping

Idea from Elise Landscapes & Nursery, LLC

Idea from Gary Brewer Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Idea from Hotbotany

Idea from Twin Oaks Lawn and Landscape, Inc.


Idea from Britney O’Donnell Garden Design

Idea from Spring Lake Garden Design

Idea from Todd Haiman Landscape Design

Idea from Wadia Associates

Idea from R&S Landscaping

Idea from Mierop Design, FAPLD

Idea from Old Farms Landscaping Inc.

Idea from Mr Green

Idea from Magic Landscaping, Inc.

Idea from Kline Bros. Landscaping

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Idea from Siciliano Landscape Company

Idea from De La Paz Masonry