Kids Room Ideas

Transforming Your Kids Room with 20 Professional Washington DC Style Design Ideas

If you’re looking to give your children’s bedrooms a fresh new look, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be presenting you with 20 amazing design ideas for kids rooms that will help you transform their space into a fun and comfortable oasis. Whether you’re based in Washington DC and seeking some local inspiration, or just looking for some new and creative design ideas, we’ve got you covered. From playful wallpaper and bold accent walls to creative storage solutions and fun decorative pieces, get ready to discover all the inspiration you need to create a dreamy and personalized space for your little ones. Let’s jump right in!

Idea from grOH! Playrooms

Idea from Studio Miel

Idea from Stuart Nordin Design

Idea from Kelly Marino Designs

Idea from OPaL Design Build

Idea from Gulick Group, Inc.

Idea from 90 Decibels Design

Idea from Katherine Sable Design

Idea from Melissa McLay Interiors

Idea from Liza Ryner Design

Idea from Laura Bendik Interiors

Idea from Sarah Hayes Design

Idea from Olamar Interiors

Idea from Hudson Gray Design

Idea from Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC

Idea from InDesign / Lori Ludwick

Idea from Maxtrix Kids Furniture

Idea from McNeill Baker Design Associates

Idea from Van Metre Homes