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Minneapolis: 10 Bold Black Bathroom Design Ideas from Local Professionals

Creating a visually appealing and inviting bathroom is an important part of any home renovation or remodel. For Minneapolis homeowners looking for fresh and modern bathroom design ideas, look no further than this list! Here, we have gathered 10 bold and unique black bathroom design ideas from some of the top local professionals in Minneapolis. From drastic contrasts to subtle accents, these professionals have provided a variety of design solutions that are sure to be perfect for any home. Read on to learn more about these creative and inspiring bathroom design ideas!


Idea from Swanson Homes

Idea from Strand Design

Idea from Jkath Design Build + Reinvent

Idea from Sustainable Nine Design + Build

Idea from R|House Design Build

Idea from College City Design Build

Idea from Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture

Idea from Rebecca Ryan Design