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Mid Century Dreaming: 10 Portland Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

Looking to remodel your bedroom into a sleek and stylish mid-century modern oasis? Look no further than Portland’s top local professionals, who have shared their favorite design ideas for transforming your space. From retro accents to bold color choices, these experts have the tips and inspiration you need to create a chic and inviting bedroom that’s sure to impress. So if you’re ready to take your bedroom from bland to beautiful, read on for some of Portland’s top mid-century modern remodel ideas.

Idea from Copeland + Co.

Idea from Colab Architecture & Urban Design

Idea from KuDa Photography

Idea from Encircle Design and Build

Idea from Jenni Leasia Interior Design

Idea from Penny Black Interiors LLC.

Idea from Sukkha Interior Design

Idea from Hamish Murray Construction, Inc.

Idea from Allison Smith Design