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Mid-Century Charm: 10 Stunning Bathroom Designs by New York Experts

The mid-century modern aesthetic is one that stands the test of time, demonstrating that classic style never goes out of vogue. Whether you are looking to create a welcoming space or something more modern and contemporary, these 10 spectacular mid-century modern bathroom design ideas from New York City’s local experts can help you create the bathroom of your dreams. From bold colors and striking patterns to sleek furnishings and chic accessories, these experts have put together an inspiring selection of ideas that you can use to make your bathroom an oasis of relaxation and style. Read on to get inspired!

Idea from YZDA | Yoshida + Zanon Design Atrium

Idea from Marrapodi Architecture

Idea from Ana Claudia Design

Idea from Susan Fisher Photography

Idea from Stephen Moser Architect

Idea from dtls.ARCHITECTURE

Idea from Material Design Build

Idea from Front Studio Architects

Idea from Brakefield Design Collective

Idea from Dettmore Home Improvements

Idea from Z+ Interiors

Idea from Nicholas Doyle Photography

Idea from Tesi Design, Inc. Interiors and Cabinetry