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25 Farmhouse-Style Backyard Shed Exterior Design Ideas from Top Professionals

Are you planning to spruce up your backyard with a farmhouse-style shed? Look no further! We have put together a list of 25 of the most stunning farmhouse-style shed exterior designs created by top professionals in the industry. Get ready to be inspired and find the perfect design to make your backyard look and feel like a home away from home.

Idea from M & J Developers, Inc.

Idea from Sand Creek Post & Beam

Idea from Cindy Fox Miller and Associates

Idea from Tim Jackson Custom Homes

Idea from Artech Construction

Idea from Decorative Landscaping

Idea from Wyatt Poindexter of Keller Williams Elite

Idea from Walker Home Designs

Idea from Darrin Hasley/Capstone Realty

Idea from Santa Barbara Home Design

Idea from Io LandArch

Idea from Kotzen Interiors, LLP

Idea from Birdseye Design

Idea from Magleby Construction

Idea from StoneHorse Design, Inc.

Idea from SR Fine Home Builders

Idea from Tiedmann Enterprises

Idea from Amena Zamora Designs

Idea from ONE 10 STUDIO

Idea from Burg Homes & Design

Idea from Liberty Hill Construction

Idea from Edmunds Studios Photography, Inc.

Idea from Kessler Construction LLC

Idea from JDM Structures

Idea from Hitchcock Construction LLC

Idea from Feretti Mäkleri