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Get a Taste of Industrial Chic with 15 Seattle Kitchen Design Ideas

As Seattle continues to be a hub for industrial-style home design, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are looking to remodel their kitchens to achieve this look. To help inspire your remodel, we’ve gathered 15 industrial-style kitchen design ideas from local professionals in Seattle. From exposed brick walls to metal finishes, these designs are sure to give your kitchen a modern, edgy feel that’s perfect for any city-dweller. So, whether you’re a fan of polished concrete countertops or vintage light fixtures, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Idea from SHED Architecture & Design

Idea from Frederickson Electric

Idea from Moss & Jane

Idea from FabCab

Idea from Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Idea from Seattle Swank Inc

Idea from Sayler | Owens | Kerr design studio

Idea from ritterretreat

Idea from Maker Agent

Idea from Merle Inc.

Idea from Crescent Builds


Idea from Kimberley Bryan

Idea from Seattle Home Enhancement

Idea from Gant Nychay Architecture

Idea from Dyna Contracting