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Boldly Black: 20 Home Bar Design Ideas From Chicago Pros

Looking to create a stylish and functional home bar that reflects your personality and taste? Look no further than Chicago, the city known for its bold and innovative design. From sleek and modern to rustic and cozy, there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your dream home bar. In this article, we’ve gathered 20 home bar design ideas from some of Chicago’s top design pros to inspire your next project. So, whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or just looking for a cozy corner to enjoy a glass of wine, read on for some inspiring ideas to transform your space.

Idea from DeBaker Design Group, Ltd.

Idea from Advance Design Studio, Ltd.

Idea from Dual Concept Design

Idea from Design Resources, LLC

Idea from Todd Creative Design

Idea from Sexton Development

Idea from Amy Braswell Photography

Idea from Designing Interiors Inc

Idea from Burmeister Woodwork

Idea from Audio Video Specialists

Idea from A. Perry Homes

Idea from Timber Trails Development Company

Idea from Great Rooms Designers & Builders

Idea from Joey Leicht Design Inc.

Idea from Benvenuti and Stein

Idea from Lumenory

Idea from Derrick Architecture

Idea from Amish Custom Kitchens

Idea from 123 Remodeling Inc.

Idea from Besch Architecture

Idea from Ragsdale, Inc.

Idea from Reliable Home Improvement

Idea from Monika Ross