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Industrial Phoenix: 12 Bathroom Designs by Local Pros You’ll Love

If you are looking to upgrade your Phoenix bathroom with a modern, industrial style, you are in luck! In this article, we will explore 12 of the best industrial style bathroom design ideas from local Phoenix professionals. From sleek, modern fixtures to exposed pipe accents and raw materials, these designs will bring a touch of industrial chic to your Phoenix bathroom. Get ready to be inspired!

Idea from Kowalchuk Construction LLC

Idea from Ezra Builders

Idea from True North Builders, Inc.

Idea from Michelle Lecinski

Idea from Joel Contreras Design

Idea from Joel Contreras

Idea from Paradise Concrete Design Studio

Idea from Nain Trading LLC

Idea from Sherie D Giles Designs

Idea from Fratantoni Design / Residential Architects

Idea from Back River Builders

Idea from Distinctive Homes & Architecture