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12 Local Seattle Professionals Share Must-See Home Office Library Designs

Are you tired of working from your bed or the kitchen table? Perhaps it’s time to create a designated work area in your home with a home office library. Not only will it provide a quiet space to focus, but it can also serve as a sophisticated backdrop for any virtual meetings. We’ve gathered 12 unbeatable home office library design ideas from local professionals in Seattle. Whether you have an entire room to repurpose or simply a corner to optimize, there’s something here for everyone. Get inspired to transform your home office space with these creative and functional designs.

Idea from Provanti Designs, Inc

Idea from Atelier Drome Architecture

Idea from Shepel Homes – Kitchen and Bath

Idea from Michelle Dirkse Interior Design

Idea from Warmington & North

Idea from John Piazza Jr Construction & Remodeling

Idea from AOME Architects

Idea from lesminka

Idea from NB Design Group, Inc

Idea from Swift Studio

Idea from Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Idea from RW Anderson Homes

Idea from Dana Webber Design Group