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Dark Wood Delight: 30 Kitchen Designs by Talented Locals in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for kitchen design inspiration in Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ve rounded up 30 of the best dark wood kitchen designs from professional interior designers, architects, and builders in the Los Angeles area. From modern to traditional, each of these kitchens are sure to inspire your next home renovation project. Get ready to be amazed by the stunning dark wood designs that have been crafted and perfected by these Los Angeles professionals.

Idea from Semihandmade


Idea from Eden LA Furniture and Interiors

Idea from Joel Reis Architecture and Real Estate Photography

Idea from Burdge & Associates Architects

Idea from Feng Xiao Architect

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Idea from Jo-Ann Capelaci Interior Design

Idea from Dutton Architects Inc.

Idea from Architrave Interiors

Idea from Ottolia & Barnes Architecture

Idea from Boswell Construction

Idea from Coastal Wood Flooring & Supplies Inc.

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Idea from Colega Architects

Idea from ADL Construction & Consulting

Idea from Norm Tessier Cabinets, Inc.

Idea from Noah Construction & Design

Idea from Lenton Company, Inc.


Idea from Vogt Design Studio

Idea from Pure Builders Inc.

Idea from JL Interiors

Idea from MBB Design Studio

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