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Portland Professionals Reveal 10 Fabulous Floating Vanity Bathroom Design Ideas

As homeowners are striving to make their bathrooms more functional, elegant and stylish, float vanities have become increasingly popular. Floating vanities add a modern, contemporary look to any bathroom, while also freeing up valuable floor space. To get a better sense of what these chic designs have to offer, we asked some of Portland’s leading interior designers to share their favorite floating vanity bathroom design ideas. Read on to discover 10 fabulous floating vanity bathroom designs that will transform your bathroom into a modern and stylish sanctuary.

Idea from C Change Design

Idea from Howells Architecture + Design

Idea from Neil Kelly Company

Idea from Amy Pearson Design

Idea from Hamish Murray Construction, Inc.

Idea from Don Tankersley & Co.

Idea from Giulietti Schouten Weber Architects

Idea from Mountainwood Homes

Idea from Maughan Design & Remodel

Idea from Pedini PDX