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32 Innovative Family Room Design Ideas from Chicago’s Top Professionals

If you’re looking to give your family room a makeover, look no further. Chicago has some of the best interior design professionals around, and they’ve come up with some amazing ideas for transforming your family room. Here are 32 fresh family room design ideas from local professionals who specialize in making your space beautiful. From cozy and classic to modern and contemporary, these designs are sure to make your family room feel like home.

Idea from Derrick Architecture

Idea from Michael Abrams Interiors

Idea from Two Hands Interiors

Idea from Serhii Chrucky Architectural Photographer

Idea from Branca, Inc.

Idea from Design First Builders

Idea from Benvenuti and Stein

Idea from Gemma Parker Design, LLC

Idea from Amy Storm & Company

Idea from Designing Interiors Inc

Idea from Devon Grace Interiors

Idea from Mondo Builders, Inc.

Idea from 12/12 Architects & Planners

Idea from A. Perry Homes

Idea from Elizabeth Krueger Design

Idea from Peppeard Design

Idea from Siena Custom Builders, Inc.

Idea from Wheeler Kearns Architects

Idea from M House Development

Idea from Havlicek Builders Inc.

Idea from New Perspective Design, Inc.

Idea from Reynolds Architecture- Design & Construction

Idea from Bobbi Alderfer/Lifestyle Design

Idea from Melissa Lewis Interiors

Idea from Oscar Isberian Rugs

Idea from Konstant Home

Idea from Charleston Building and Development

Idea from Studio Sven

Idea from Molly Quinn Design

Idea from King’s Court Builders, Inc.

Idea from Mitchell Channon Design

Idea from Beechen & Dill Homes

Idea from Buckingham Interiors + Design LTD