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Chicago: 8 Stunning White Home Bar Design Ideas from Local Professionals

When it comes to creating a home bar, there’s no better place to find inspiration than the vibrant city of Chicago. With its distinct midwestern style and wide range of architectural and design influences, Chicago offers endless possibilities for custom home bar designs. Whether you’re looking to refresh an existing space or start from scratch, there’s no shortage of stunning home bar ideas from the experts. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up 8 beautiful white home bar design ideas from local Chicago professionals that are sure to give your home bar a modern touch.

Idea from Orren Pickell Building Group

Idea from User

Idea from Havlicek Builders Inc.

Idea from Boomgaarden Architects

Idea from Tri-Star Cabinet & Top Co., Inc.

Idea from Schwarz Lewis Design Group, Inc.

Idea from Soucie Horner, Ltd.

Idea from Normandy Remodeling

Idea from Leslie Lee