Dining Room Ideas

San Francisco’s 14 Fireplace-Featuring Dining Room Design Ideas from Local Professionals

As the nights get colder and the weather turns wetter, nothing quite beats gathering around a cozy fireplace with family and friends. While San Francisco is known more for its foggy weather than its chilly nights, there are still many ways to bring the warmth of a fireplace into your home. To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up 14 fireplace-featuring dining room design ideas from local professionals. From rustic and modern looks to traditional and contemporary designs, these ideas will instantly make your dining room feel more inviting and comfortable. Read on to discover the perfect fireplace-featuring design for your space!

Idea from Napoleon at Home

Idea from Lori Dennis Interior Design


Idea from Cook Construction

Idea from Studio Munroe

Idea from Katie Monkhouse Interior Design

Idea from Chesler Construction, Inc.

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Idea from Via Builders, Inc.

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Idea from Feldman Architecture, Inc.

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