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24 Traditional Red Dining Room Designs from Top Pros: Redecorate in Style!

When it comes to creating a warm and inviting ambiance in your dining space, one color reigns supreme: red. From deep burgundy to bright cherry, the hue adds richness, depth, and drama to any room. But how do you incorporate such a bold shade without overwhelming the space? That’s where the pros come in. Here, we’ve gathered 24 traditional red dining room designs from some of the top designers in the industry, each one showcasing a unique take on the classic color. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or just add a pop of color, these rooms are sure to inspire you to redecorate in style.

Idea from Jamieson Design

Idea from Shrock Premier Custom Construction

Idea from Hanging In Style Designs

Idea from Ability Wood Flooring

Idea from Jennifer Taylor Studio

Idea from Amy Webb

Idea from Hawks Hollow Builders

Idea from Garman Builders Inc.

Idea from Maria Maxwell Interiors

Idea from AG Real Estate Media

Idea from ≥Thomas Everett Lamb Design and Development

Idea from Payne & Payne Builders

Idea from House of Cline Design

Idea from Line 11 Photography

Idea from Preferred Builders of Watertown, Ltd

Idea from Stage to Sell

Idea from Scott L. Rand AIA

Idea from Oellien Design, Inc.

Idea from Housewright Construction Inc.


Idea from Red Beard Contracting

Idea from Victory Homes of Wisconsin, Inc

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Idea from Carter Skinner Residential Design