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Eclectic Home Bar Heaven: 16 Design Ideas Straight Outta New York

Are you looking to create a unique home bar space in your New York apartment? You’re in luck! There is no shortage of creative ideas to choose from when it comes to designing a home bar. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern bar design or something more eclectic, local professionals in New York have you covered. In this article, we’ll explore 16 home bar ideas that have been put together by some of the top experts in the city. From unique lighting fixtures to unique furniture pieces, these ideas are sure to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining friends and family. So get ready to get inspired and find the right home bar design for your needs!

Idea from Rikki Snyder

Idea from Elterman Finer Architects, PC

Idea from laura546

Idea from Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR)

Idea from D’Aloia Designs

Idea from Auburn Landing, Inc.

Idea from Tech Lifestyles

Idea from Jeffrey Law Interiors

Idea from Hofmann Design Build, Inc.

Idea from Timeless Designs LLC

Idea from Fabuwood Cabinetry

Idea from Design Equity

Idea from Bachman Brown Design

Idea from Nicole Forina Home

Idea from Life Well Lived

Idea from Michael Zenreich Architects