Dining Room Ideas

New York: 18 Red Dining Room Design Ideas from Local Professionals

Are you looking to redesign your dining room in New York, but feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Look no further! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of creative, modern, and luxurious red dining room design ideas from local professionals for you to draw inspiration from. From bold wallpaper and statement art, to cozy rugs and modern fixtures, get ready to see a variety of ways to transform your dining space into a chic and inviting gathering spot.

Idea from Deborah French Designs

Idea from Jeffrey Hitchcock Enterprises, Inc.

Idea from Evolve Design Group

Idea from Vintage House Design

Idea from Julie Ronner Interiors

Idea from Sherrill Canet Interiors

Idea from ecc interiors

Idea from Ronnette Riley Architect

Idea from Request Tours

Idea from William Briggs Studio

Idea from Francis D’Alia Photography

Idea from Pilaster Designs

Idea from Gotham Interiors

Idea from AU Wallcovering Inc.

Idea from Paintzen, Inc.

Idea from Farina Hom Stelea

Idea from InsideWright

Idea from Reclaimed Home