Traditional Ideas

17 Traditional Style Double Sink Bathroom Design Ideas from World Class Professionals

Nothing adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to a bathroom like a double sink. From classic designs to more modern styles, double sinks provide the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality. That’s why we’ve gathered 17 of the best traditional style double sink bathroom designs from some of the world’s most renowned professionals. From full-size vanity units to sleek and stylish contemporary sinks, this collection of ideas will have you dreaming of the perfect bathroom in no time.

Idea from Fireclay Tile

Idea from KMD Interiors

Idea from Segerson Builders

Idea from Vintage Construction Group

Idea from Front Light Building Co.

Idea from Patin Construction Group, LLC

Idea from Nathan Homes LLC

Idea from Creative In Counters

Idea from Terri Sears, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Idea from Jayco Construction

Idea from RSI Kitchen & Bath

Idea from Steven Dailey Construction

Idea from Litchfield Builders

Idea from Design by the Jonathans

Idea from M Vincent Assets LLC

Idea from Stewart Culler Hendrix

Idea from Latina Design-Build Group