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Discover the Beauty of Mediterranean Front Yards in Los Angeles: 26 Ideas

Los Angeles is known for its lush and vibrant landscapes, and now homeowners have the opportunity to create a unique Mediterranean-style oasis in their own front yards. From traditional touches to modern amenities, the 26 Mediterranean front yard design ideas from local professionals will give you the inspiration to create a stunning outdoor area that you and your family will love to enjoy. Each design is tailored to the climate and terrain of Los Angeles, and tailored to the aesthetic preferences of the homeowner. Whether your Mediterranean-style vision is grand and extravagant or more subtle and minimal, these design ideas will help you create the front yard of your dreams.

Idea from AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc.

Idea from Ahern Pools

Idea from MC Design LLC

Idea from Califia Ecodesign

Idea from Eco Landscape Design & Build

Idea from FormLA Landscaping


Idea from Dan Beck Design

Idea from Zucker Design Associates, Inc.

Idea from Eden Condensed

Idea from Environmental Patterns Inc.

Idea from MDZA Landscape Architecture and Planning

Idea from Interiors & Architecture Photography by Ken Hayden

Idea from Dean Larkin Design

Idea from Chapala Iron


Idea from White Sands Coastal Development

Idea from Gravel and Green

Idea from ARTO

Idea from Pamela Thiel Design

Idea from Ruben S. Ojeda Architects

Idea from Mirage Landscape

Idea from Bulldog Paving Inc

Idea from Lake State Property

Idea from McCabe’s Nursery & Landscape Construction

Idea from Treehouse Landscape Design