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Mediterranean Magic: 16 Front Yard Design Ideas from Orange County Pros

As the popularity of Mediterranean-style homes continues to grow in Orange County, so does the demand for Mediterranean landscaping. Fortunately, the local area offers some of the most talented and experienced professionals who specialize in Mediterranean front yard designs. In this article, we’ll share 16 Mediterranean front yard design ideas from Orange County-based professionals that you can use to create stunning outdoor spaces for your home.

Idea from Ecoworkz Inc.

Idea from Altera Landscape

Idea from Moon Valley Nurseries

Idea from Marc Mason Landscape Services

Idea from Arc Environments

Idea from ORCO Block & Hardscape

Idea from Land Mechanics, Inc.

Idea from Pelican Developers

Idea from M. Elle Design

Idea from GRADY-O-GRADY Construction & Development, Inc.

Idea from Voss & Sons Design-Build

Idea from Marchi and Associates

Idea from Blackband Design

Idea from My Garden: Landscape Design by Wayne

Idea from Urban Landscape