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24 Jaw-Dropping Contemporary Style Backyard Patio Design Ideas from the Pros!

Outdoor living has never been more popular! Many homeowners are creating their own backyard oasis where they can lounge and entertain, and the best way to make it look amazing is with a stylish patio design. To help you create the perfect outdoor living space, we’ve rounded up 24 jaw-dropping contemporary style backyard patio design ideas from the pros! From built-in seating and fireplaces to water features and greenery, these patio designs will inspire you to create your own outdoor sanctuary.

Idea from Cascade Outdoor Design


Idea from Nansemond Precast Concrete

Idea from Le Classique Interiors

Idea from ECOterra Design Build

Idea from Nies Homes

Idea from Lindross Remodeling

Idea from Jackson & LeRoy

Idea from Blue Heron

Idea from GO Designs Inc.

Idea from risa boyer architecture

Idea from Fairview Custom Homes

Idea from Louise Stapleton Interiors

Idea from Michelle Miller Design, Inc.

Idea from Aria Homes, Inc.

Idea from Sterling-Huddleson Architecture

Idea from Litz Real Estate

Idea from Nicholson

Idea from Linden L.A.N.D. Group

Idea from John Candle Homes, LLC

Idea from Alexander Pollock Interiors

Idea from White Cloud Design

Idea from Medley Creative