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The Modern Makeover: Top 20 White Powder Room Design Ideas from Industry Professionals

The powder room is a much overlooked area of the home. But, with a few simple updates, it can become a beautiful and stylish space. Whether you’re looking for modern, classic, or something totally unique, these top 20 white powder room design ideas from industry professionals have you covered. From luxurious and spacious to cozy and inviting, these design ideas are sure to inspire you to transform your powder room into a stunning haven.

Idea from Galindo Group Consulting

Idea from April Balliette

Idea from Priority 1 Project Management

Idea from StoneImpressions

Idea from 42 North – Architecture + Design

Idea from WERK | Building Modern

Idea from Natalia Robert Photography

Idea from Pruett & Co.

Idea from Jarrod Smart Construction

Idea from Amy Emery Interior Design

Idea from Solitude Homes

Idea from Cetide, LLC

Idea from Emily Moss Designs

Idea from BKW Architects, LLC

Idea from User

Idea from Kimball Modern Design + Interiors

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Idea from Mindful Boutique Builders & Renovators Perth