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San Francisco: 12 inspiring White Exterior House Design Ideas from Local Professionals

San Francisco is widely known for its diverse architectural landscape, but its white exterior houses have become particularly iconic in recent years. Whether you’re looking to replicate a classic style of the city or add some new flair, these 12 inspiring white exterior house design ideas from local professionals will have you covered. From modern and minimal to contemporary and cozy, these ideas will help you craft a beautiful white-exterior home that’s as unique as you are. Read on for some expert tips and tricks to get you started!

Idea from Supple Homes, Inc

Idea from Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Idea from Eisenmann Architecture

Idea from Clarity Home Builders Inc.

Idea from James Witt Homes

Idea from zero ten design

Idea from Hearth Design

Idea from Wade Design Architects

Idea from Ana Williamson Architect

Idea from Urbanism Designs

Idea from Jensen Architects

Idea from see arch.