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27 Hip Scandinavian Living Room Designs by LA Experts

Los Angeles is home to some of the most beautiful and modern living rooms. If you’re looking to add a touch of Scandinavian style to your own home, you can look to the professionals in Los Angeles for inspiration. Here we’ll share 27 of the most creative and inspiring living room designs from local professionals who specialize in Scandinavian style. From muted colors and natural materials to sleek minimalism and modern lines, you’ll find all the ideas you need to make your living room a Scandinavian oasis.

Idea from EL & EL Wood Products Corp.

Idea from Amber Interiors

Idea from Willisland Design Works

Idea from Paper + Pate Photography

Idea from rosie navi design

Idea from Emets Management Inc.

Idea from Evan Braun Design, Inc.

Idea from Dave Powers Construction

Idea from SHIALICE

Idea from Joybird Furniture

Idea from Echo Ranch Staging

Idea from Bittoni Architects

Idea from 22 INTERIORS

Idea from S / Wiley Interior Photography

Idea from Automated Homes Inc.

Idea from Enfant Terrible

Idea from Nicholas/Budd Architects, LLP

Idea from Metropolis Drafting and Construction Inc


Idea from Riley Architects


Idea from ING Construction

Idea from Soko Design

Idea from Troy Lighting

Idea from Hsu McCullough

Idea from New Generation Home Improvements

Idea from Arthur Designs