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Get Cozy: 10 Beautiful Scandinavian Bedrooms Designed by Seattle Pros

If you’re looking to add a modern, minimalistic touch to your bedroom, Scandinavian style may be the perfect choice. With its emphasis on clean lines, natural materials, and neutral colors, Scandinavian design can create an inviting and calming atmosphere in any bedroom. In Seattle, there are plenty of local professionals who specialize in creating cozy Scandinavian bedrooms. Here are ten of the best bedroom design ideas from these talented local designers.

Idea from Ore Studios

Idea from North Coast Lighting

Idea from TBH Sterling Inc.

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Idea from Sydney Holliday Interiors

Idea from National Association of Home Builders

Idea from Assured Accuracy, LLC

Idea from Anima Architects

Idea from Home Docket | Windermere Real Estate Co.