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22 Spectacular Green Tile Bathroom Ideas Straight from LA Pros

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom and add a pop of color, green tiles might just be what you need. In Los Angeles, top-notch interior designers and home improvement experts are using these spectacular green tile bathroom ideas to transform dull spaces into bright and lively ones. From unique patterns to bold shades, there are dozens of ways to incorporate green tiles into your bathroom renovation project. Here’s a curated list of 22 green tile bathroom ideas that LA pros swear by.

Idea from Julia Chasman Design

Idea from SOL Tile & Marble, Inc.

Idea from Noelle Interiors

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Idea from LA Dwelling Inc

Idea from Bradley Bayou

Idea from Kendall Architecture

Idea from Breeze Giannasio Interiors

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Idea from The Property Sisters

Idea from Future Home Builders, Inc.

Idea from Cynthia Bennett & Associates

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