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Freshen Up Your Home with 15 Green Cabinet Kitchen Ideas in Chicago

Are you tired of the same outdated look in your kitchen? It may be time for a remodel, and replacing your kitchen cabinets can give your home a fresh, new feel. With 15 cabinet ideas in Chicago, your options are endless. From sleek and modern design to rustic and charming aesthetics, there’s something for every style. Let’s take a closer look at some of these ideas to give your kitchen the upgrade it deserves.


Idea from Mia Rao Design

Idea from Spectrum Design Group

Idea from New Style Cabinets

Idea from Chi Renovation & Design

Idea from Lugbill Designs

Idea from Outline Interiors

Idea from Habitar Design

Idea from AdamMiltonPhotography

Idea from haywoodmade interiors

Idea from Alissa Johnson Interiors

Idea from Scott Simpson Design + Build

Idea from Mark Zancanaro Interior Design

Idea from Gray & Walter, Ltd.

Idea from Amish Custom Kitchens