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18 Stunning Mediterranean-Style Terra Cotta Tile Kitchen Ideas From Top Designers

This collection of Mediterranean-style kitchen designs featuring terra cotta tiles is sure to give you plenty of ideas for your own renovation or remodel. From classic to modern, these 18 stunning ideas from top designers will show you just how much beauty and character can be achieved with terra cotta tile. Whether you’re looking for a rustic appeal or something more modern and contemporary, no doubt you’ll find inspiration in these designs. Get ready—it’s time to explore!

Idea from DD Ford Construction

Idea from Randolph Stewart

Idea from Spieler Construction

Idea from House of Brazier

Idea from Bay to Bay Design Center, LLC

Idea from Antoinette Unique Interiors, Inc.


Idea from Tom Jenkins Films

Idea from Vintage Elements LLC

Idea from JIL Design Group, LLC

Idea from Palatial Stone & Tile

Idea from Allen Construction

Idea from David Lalush Photography

Idea from Cindy Fox Miller and Associates

Idea from CCH Design Inc.


Idea from CGU Homes

Idea from Las Catalinas