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Get Inspired: 12 Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Designs by Top Minneapolis Pros

If you’re looking to spruce up your Minneapolis living room with an eye-catching addition, consider a vaulted ceiling. Not only can this design feature add height to your space and lend a feeling of grandeur, but it can also provide ample opportunities for you to get creative with your interior design. If you’re wondering where to start, worry not. We’ve collected 12 stunning vaulted ceiling living room ideas from the minds of Minneapolis’s top professionals. Read on to unlock the keys to transforming your living space into a modern masterpiece.

Idea from Housing First Minnesota

Idea from Swanson Homes

Idea from Liv4 Architecture

Idea from Zawadski Homes Inc.

Idea from Randolph Interior Design

Idea from Laurie Mattson Interiors

Idea from Boyer Building Corporation

Idea from Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc.

Idea from Tays & Co Design Studios

Idea from Hartman Homes

Idea from Homes by Tradition