Living Room Ideas

Seattle Professionals Showcase 10 Amazing Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Ideas

The vaulted ceilings of a living room can give your home a unique and dramatic flair. Not to mention, it can also make a living room look bigger and more spacious. Seattle professionals have come up with 10 amazing living room ideas that showcase the beauty of having a vaulted ceiling. From cozy and comfortable to modern and contemporary, these ideas will help you create a living room that you can enjoy for years to come.

Idea from H2D Architecture + Design

Idea from Rainier Custom Homes

Idea from trueONE Group, LLC

Idea from Rain City Architecture

Idea from Oak & Linen Interiors

Idea from Caleb Melvin Photography

Idea from Patricia Brennan Architects

Idea from Monarch Custom Homes

Idea from Hendricks Architecture

Idea from Shoshi Designs