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18 Contemporary Style Gravel Patio Ideas from the Pros

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular, and one of the most stylish and modern designs for your backyard patio is the gravel patio. Gravel adds texture, depth, and a contemporary look to your outdoor area. With a gravel patio you can enjoy entertaining, relaxing, and taking in the views of your backyard. Whether you prefer the rustic look of natural stone, the sleek appeal of polished gravel, or something in between, these 18 expertly designed gravel patio ideas from the pros are sure to provide you with creative inspiration for your own outdoor space.

Idea from PureHaven Homes

Idea from SHED Architecture & Design

Idea from Wyant Architecture

Idea from PLACE

Idea from Brett Bulthuis Photography

Idea from Marvin

Idea from Broadleaf Landscape Architecture

Idea from Falke Photography – Arch and Interior Design

Idea from The Fire House Casual Living Store

Idea from Tierra Madre Fine Gardens

Idea from Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions

Idea from Carmel Building & Design

Idea from Jess Cooney Interiors

Idea from Maienza – Wilson Architecture + Interiors

Idea from Elements of Nature

Idea from Maric Homes & Renovations

Idea from Entanglements

Idea from Confort Bois Concept