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30 Cutting-Edge Contemporary Fence Border Landscaping Ideas from Top Landscaping Professionals

Welcome to a roundup of the top 30 cutting-edge contemporary fence border landscaping ideas from top landscaping professionals. If you’re looking for awe-inspiring and modern border landscaping ideas to transform your outdoor space, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be exploring these top ideas from noteworthy landscape designers and highlighting their unique approaches. So, let’s get started!

Idea from The Garden District

Idea from Giulietti Schouten Weber Architects

Idea from Steven Allen Designs, LLC

Idea from NW Garden Maintenance

Idea from Evergreen Consulting / 4EGC


Idea from Blackwell Architecture Inc.

Idea from Indigenous Ingenuities, LLC

Idea from Joanne Dale

Idea from Amazon Landscaping and Garden Design

Idea from Lanson B. Jones & Co, Inc.

Idea from Smart Landscape Design

Idea from ALA, Artistic Landscape Architecture

Idea from Outerspace Creative Landscaping

Idea from KenCairn Landscape Architecture

Idea from SP Gardens – Susanna Pagan Landscape Design

Idea from The Great Canadian Landscaping Company Ltd.

Idea from David Simpson Gardens

Idea from Urbanscapes LLC

Idea from Grounded Landscape Designs

Idea from Designing Connections

Idea from Green Florida Landscaping

Idea from Hestia Trustins LTD


Idea from ADLA Studio

Idea from Simon Orchard Garden Design

Idea from LandArt

Idea from The Association of Professional Landscapers

Idea from Jen Berry Garden Design

Idea from Kara Mosher

Idea from Conscious Environments Inc.