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50 Traditional Fence Border Landscaping Ideas from Top Professionals: Revamp Your Outdoor Space Today!

Do you want to revamp your outdoor space but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ve compiled a list of 50 traditional fence border landscaping ideas from top professionals. From unique plant combinations to rustic stone elements, this article has something that will fit any style. Whether you’re looking for a complete upgrade or small tweaks to make your yard pop, this list has plenty of ideas to get you started. Read on to find the perfect idea for your outdoor space today!

Idea from Slater Associates Landscape Architects

Idea from Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association

Idea from Southview Design

Idea from David Morello Garden Enterprises, Inc.

Idea from Peter Raarup Landscape Design

Idea from Troy Rhone Garden Design

Idea from National Fence Systems, Inc.

Idea from BCI Border Creations, Inc.

Idea from Claudia Barber

Idea from Harrison Fence

Idea from Visionscapes NW Landscape Design

Idea from Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Idea from Nature’s Realm

Idea from MJ McCabe-Garden Design

Idea from Great Lakes Landscape Design

Idea from Helms Landscape Design, LLC