Transform Your London Backyard with these 20 Fence Border Landscaping Ideas

In the wake of urbanization, Londoners are seeking ways to add a touch of nature to their property. A fence border is an excellent way to make your outdoor life a little more enjoyable and green. Here, we take a look at 20 fence border landscaping ideas from local professionals that can help you bring a little bit of the outdoors inside your London home. From modern designs to traditional favorites, these ideas are perfect for creating your own personal oasis. Let’s explore the possibilities!

Idea from Aoba Landscapes

Idea from Stuart Garden Architecture

Idea from User

Idea from Jenny Bloom Garden Design

Idea from Garden Arts

Idea from Tom Howard Garden Design and Landscaping

Idea from Kate Eyre Garden Design

Idea from Imperfect Interiors

Idea from Silvia Nayla

Idea from Tectonic – Landscape, Architecture & Garden Design

Idea from Charlotte Rowe Garden Design

Idea from Nordland Landscapes

Idea from Peter Reader Landscapes

Idea from Fenton Roberts Garden Design

Idea from GOATER JONES London Ltd

Idea from Zulufish

Idea from Chris Cunningham

Idea from Joanne Bernstein Garden Design

Idea from Habitat London


Idea from Alex Findlater Ltd